Ourmuslimhomeschool – Behaviour Chart Review

This month Dr Gemma Elizabeth reviewed our Behaviour Chart, you can watch the video and read the whole review below.

Islamic Behaviour Chart – We have been using this sticker chart from MuslimStickers.com to establish a good morning routine with the children.

We have been using the Islamic Behaviour Chart for 4 weeks now, and the change in my kid’s behaviour in the morning has been phenomenal! No more sluggish and sleepy boys!

No, they’re ready long before I am!
Muslim Islamic behaviour chart homeschool

Having a good morning routine is so important, even as adults, to having a productive day. I have seen that when we are slow to start school in the morning, we never get as much done and the children are less enthusiastic.

This reward system has helped us all get ready for the day and begin school by 9am insha’Allah.

Muslim Islamic behaviour chart homeschool
You could use this sticker chart in so many ways! When you receive it, it is almost completely blank and you can customise it as you wish.

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