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What is Ramadan?

It is the name of a month in our Muslim calendar. Do you know what Muslims do during the month of Ramadan? We stop eating and drinking during the day to learn to control ourselves and learn good behaviour. This is called fasting.

The word for fasting in Arabic is Sawm. Sawm is a gift for people from Allah. Have you ever fasted before? Do you know anyone who has fasted in Ramadan?

Allah said in the Quran that we must fast in Ramadan. The ayahs, in the Quran about fasting are from Surah al Baqarah. That is chapter 2. Allah said, “You people who believe I am giving you the job to fast just like I told people before you to do it. Fasting is so you can be more aware (of Allah).” So, if someone asks you why you fast the answer is to remember Allah and to do the good actions that Allah has told us to do.

Ramadan starts when any Muslim, living in any part of the world, sees the new moon. All the Muslims in the world are like one big family – one Ummah! The moon takes about 30 days to go around the world. As it goes the shadow of our planet makes it look like it is being sliced into smaller and smaller pieces until it disappears and then comes out again!

Every day in Ramadan we get up very early, before the light of morning. We eat an early breakfast because one of the rules of Ramadan is that you can’t eat again until Maghrib time. This early breakfast is called Suhoor. Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us to eat suhoor because it is good for us.

When the time for Fajr salah comes, we have to stop eating and drinking everything. We can’t even chew bubble gum! Little children don’t have to fast yet but they can practice fasting or fast for half a day so they will be good at it when they are older. Do you know anyone who has fasted for half a day?

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that a person who is fasting cannot tell a lie or fight with anyone. Do you remember what the lesson of fasting is? What are we supposed to learn? Right, good behaviour.

Do you remember when we can start eating and drinking again? Yes, when the time for Maghrib salah comes we can sit with our family and say a Dua thanking Allah for the yummy food.

When we end our fasting every day we should first start with something simple like dates and water. After we eat this small snack that is called Iftar, we can do our Maghrib salah and then sit together with our family and eat our main dinner.

Every night in Ramadan many Muslims go to the Masjid for special players. They are called taraweeh prayers. Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to do them. The Imam will read one part of the Quran every day until the entire Quran is finished. The people will be lined up in rows behind him and they listen quietly.

When Ramadan is over, after about 30 days, then we have our holiday! This is called Eid ul fitr. On Eid morning our parents and grandparents will give us presents and take us to the Masjid for the special Eid salah. For the next three days we have parties to go to and a lot of gifts. Don’t forget to say to fellow Muslims “Eid Mubarak” that means “A blessed Eid to you!”


  1. Hajar Erica

    MASHA Allah sister my children will surely like them JazakiAllahu khairan

    • Salams hajar, alhumdulilah I am so happy to hear that, ia I would love to see pics of your kids coloring.
      Take care

  2. tmzgotabode

    I’m gonna give these to kids that come with their Mothers to my Iftar In shaa Allah
    Barak Allahu Feekum

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